goats. opinions accepted.

Sooo… goats may happen here. I’m not entirely sure about all of the particulars yet but we have a few potential scenarios and I would love some opinions. But only if you have goats, or have had goats. Blind opinions based on fantasy don’t count. I’ve got plenty enough of those on my own.

Toggemburg goat
Photo credit: CultureCheeseMag.com

Long story short, I just traded $120 worth of chickens for a goat credit from a lady farmer friend of mine who has a sheep and goat farm down the street. Hers are primarily Toggenburg and Nigerian Dwarf crosses. Or Dwarf Toggenburg? Both being milk breeds, they should be awesome. The photo above is a Toggenburg. The photo below are Nigerian Dwarfs.

Nigerian Dwarf babies and mama
Photo credit: Weed ‘Em and Reap

These are the potential scenarios we are looking at:

1. Getting a 1 year old boy and impending doeling from my aforementioned friend. She has two pregnant mamas due in the first couple of weeks of March. The good part is they would have a different parentage and we could breed them later. The bad part is they would need to be kept separated 24/7 because a pregnant teen goat can mean a dead teen goat. He could be put on a post moved around on the property to graze and laze and forage happily. We don’t have our entire 7 acres fenced. I’m not sure how I feel about keeping an animal tied up though. I mean I know a lot of people who do that and with really long leads but is that mean? Chime in with opinions here. But again, only if you’ve had goats. And for argument’s sake, he frequently jumps over 6 foot fences and goes off on little boy goat adventures, the boy she thinks we should have.

2. A second option would be to buy one of her doelings, presuming she ends up with at least a couple, and purchasing a pure Nigerian Dwarf doeling elsewhere at the same time. The beauty of us purchasing from my friend is that she literally lives less than three miles from us and we could pick anything up anytime so she could definitely work with us. We don’t even have a house built yet. I’m trying to see what I can do without putting yet another building project on Paul’s list since he already works at least 6 days a week. Maybe I will buy a shed. That’s another question mark. But I think I could build something with 8 foot peeler cores, four by fours, plywood and pallet wood that we mostly already have.

3. This is a potential fantasy scenario presented to me by farmer friend. She said it’s possible, depending upon this kidding season, that I could care for a mama goat and two babies. And by care for, I think that means she would want mama goat back and I would be totally cool with that. I just want goats.

So basically I don’t know what we’re doing but I want to figure it out. Goat milk would be awesome for feta and other goat cheeses, yogurt and butter, plus an emergency milk source for my coffee when the cartons of organic whole cow’s milk run dry. Or who knows? Maybe I will love goat milk coffee? It would be awesome not to have to buy milk. (Though this leads to the conversation about my deep desire for a miniature Scottish Highland cow as well, shhh.) Yeah, I really need to start working more and creating/selling art again! Animals aren’t cheap but oh my gosh, they make me so happy! And they feed us. ♡ Best of both worlds.

I actually did start one painting but I haven’t finished it yet. Flower Farmer. I worked on her some after this, but not much. 6×12 and soon for sale.

4 Replies to “goats. opinions accepted.”

  1. Only living vicariously through my neighbor on goats, I have nothing of value to offer…but thought I’d share a story of another neighbor whose mama goat gave birth last week to a record breaking SEVEN kids. Can you even…!

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