snowmageddon. the apocalypse. chaos.

It’s kind of stupid to use the last little bit of phone juice to do a blog post but because we will likely be unreachable for days or potentially even weeks, I wanted to do a quick update.

We are under two feet of snow and counting. There is no power. There is no heat. There is no water. Very soon to be no phone. The roads are closed. Power and internet lines are down. Trees are falling left and right. Branches on the chicken coop, a huge oak fell on our cabin… all kinds of horrible crap. It’s not fun. It’s devastating, in fact. But we are sucking it up and getting shit done. We’re safe and alive, albeit cold, but that’s an easy fix next door.

We set up our camp stove on our neighbor’s covered porch. We are all feasting on hard boiled eggs. We are about to start a stew of Random beef parts that we could find in the freezer and we are putting it on the neighbors wood stove. It will be a dual Family Feast. Soon we will add carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic and a lot of goodness. They are sharing their heat and we are sharing our food. They have a lot of food to share too so no one will starve. We could last a month, the 5 of us. We will probably have to sleep in their cabin because our main house is 40 degrees.

It just started a blog post yesterday about the excitement of my first incubator hatch but the babies have died. No power means death. Absolutely heartbreaking.

If I can charge my phone on the neighbors generator, I will keep up little updates here. All of our roads are closed so we aren’t going anywhere. Cross your fingers things don’t get worse. Almost two feet of snow and no end in sight. It’s snowing like a mother clucker out there! The photo below is from last night and the snow never stopped.

Another scary thing is that there have been numerous massive trees of falling in the creek. It’s starting to overflow. It could flood our entire lower field and the neighbor’s back acreage.

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