blue, teal and aqua eggs (how to get them in your basket)

I originally started this blog to keep friends and family up to date on our progress on the farmstead (or lack thereof, sometimes). Every day is busy and I generally forget, plus I feel limited to what I “ought to” share. Let’s face it, 99.9% of my family cares zero about chicken genetics, for example.

Blue eggs, aqua eggs, teal eggs, how to get bluer eggs

But guess what? I care 110,000,000% so I’m sharing. I have been tinkering with egg color for amazing blues, aquas and teals, and want to share how I’ve gotten the hues I have. My olives and greens are my next project, but I’ll get there.

Aqua chicken egg, teal egg, blue chicken eggs

This particular aqua egg is infinitely more beautiful in person. My cheap camera phone washes colors out. Regardless, this is how I made that egg color happen:

I started with a regular feed store blue-laying Easter Egger (boring, but cute and easily obtainable for most) and crossed her with a Lavender Ameraucana (some of you may remember my duck humper I had to rehome — I bred him with a few girls before sending him on his way). I kept a couple of those girls that hatched as a result. We’ll refer to these girls as A. I bred the bluer egg laying A girl but we’ll get there in a sec.

Best blue egg, Easter Egger, rainbow, blue

Just before that, I crossed a Crested Cream Legbar female with a Welsummer Male. We’ll call those girls B. You could also just buy an Olive Egger if you want to speed things along.

Later I crossed a B girl with a different Ameraucana and ended up with all boys. Joy! We’ll call the boy I temporarily kept C (though his name was Nettleton, who I no longer have either). I keep calling him a second generation Olive Egger but I think I’m wrong on that front, though mom was an Olive Egger so…? Semantics.

Green egg, Olive egg, speckled egg, blue speckles

I then crossed A girl and C boy. Those kiddos are just starting to lay over the past couple of months (see photos). Two are aqua and teal. The rest are/were mostly mint or greenish, one more of a light olive color. 3 of the 5 girls were gifts to my neighbors so they could add some color to their egg baskets and I kept the amazing blues. Unfortunately I don’t currently have any roosters with the blue egg gene so I’ll have to work on that again soon.

Now I’m working on darker greens. I accidentally sold all of my second and third generation Olive Egger girls last year (I was broke and the guy offered $30/bird for 10 pullets and I caved) so that’s next.

Rainbow eggs, rainbow egg basket, bluer eggs

I really didn’t do anything fancy — I just look at it as if I were mixing paint colors and wanted to see what I’d get. Then more pinks, though that girl is just an anomaly.

Rainbow eggs, egg rainbow

Here’s to the path to pretty egg baskets!

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